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AKURIO technology

Spotted 96 Well Plate

The bottom of the plate is printed with spots of capture antibodies and each of these spots is a unique assay within the well. The spot size is 350-500 μm and each plate is checked for spot quality.


Performing the Assay

Mercodia’s AKURIO multiplex protocol is easy-to-use and very similar to Mercodia ELISA protocols which involve common laboratory procedures and equipment. The multiplex assay detects multiple hormones simultaneously and requires only 25uL of sample per well.


Detection of Sample

A response is produced after adding the substrate solution and if antigen is present, the spot emits a signal proportional to the amount of antigen in the sample. If no antigen is present in the sample, the spot is not visible.


Image Capture

After running the test, an image of the plate is taken via a high resolution camera, using either the Q-View Imager or other appropiate imager. A TIFF image file is then imported to the Q-View software and ready to be used.



Image Analysis

When opening the image in the Q-View software, spots are automatically found on the plate image. The Product Code and plate layout are designated by the user, and the intensity of the spot response is measured.


Data Analysis

Using the software, in-plate calibrator data and regression models are used to calculate unknowns, and data can be exported.