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Islet Hormones Multiplex Assay

Glucagon, Insulin, C-peptide and Proinsulin

The Mercodia AKURIO Islet Hormones assay, 10-1282-01, enables simultaneous detection and quantification of glucagon, insulin, C-peptide and proinsulin in the same sample. The multiplex assay is an excellent tool for evaluating pancreatic islet cell function and metabolic status.

Hormone ratios

Studying the ratios of these biomarkers adds to the understanding of the complex relationships between the most important hormones secreted from the pancreatic islets. With no cross-reactivity between the hormones in the panel, the Islet Hormones assay has the specificity needed to establish useful ratios. 

"The insulin:glucagon ratio is not only important to the study of diabetes but provides critical insight into the storage and utilization of nutrients in normal as well as catabolic states such as infection, trauma, cancer, etc." Unger RH (1971) Diabetes 20: 834-838

Other ratios to study are proinsulin:insulin and proinsulin:C-peptide e.g. when beta-cell function needs to be determined.  

AKURIO multiplex Islet Hormones, 10-1282-01

Available only in the US.