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Mercodia – When Accuracy Matters

About us

Mercodia AB is a Scandinavian biotech company that specializes in the development of ELISA assays within the area of metabolic disorders. The company was founded 1991 in Uppsala by Erling Holmlund, a chemist and entrepreneur from northern Sweden. Erling’s extensive knowledge in the field stems from almost 20 years of experience in immunoassay development within diabetes and cardiovascular disease at Pharmacia Diagnostics.

With the stringent quality system inherited from Pharmacia Diagnostics, the initial business concept of Mercodia was to develop high quality ELISA assays for use in human diagnostics. The increased demand from pharmaceutical and academic research for reliable assays that ensure reproducible results created an interest from researchers around the world for Mercodias’s products.

Today Mercodia is a world-leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality immunoassay kits. We specialize in ELISA assays for clinical as well as research applications, notably within diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. We offer assays applicable in both human and animal models.

Mercodia supplies products to all major international markets from its facilities in Uppsala, Sweden. More than ninety percent of our production is exported to approximately 100 countries worldwide. 
Mercodia Inc, our US subsidiary, is based in Winston Salem, North Carolina and is involved in direct sales, distribution and support to our North American customers.

Mercodia provides a professional support system by collaborating with worldwide customers and institutions to develop new applications for existing products and new diagnostics for emerging markets.

Mercodia is the preferred choice of leading researchers around the world. Is your research worth a Mercodia ELISA?



Mercodia's headquarter is located in Uppsala, Sweden. Uppsala has a strong research community, including several renowned universities as well as half of Sweden's biotechnology industry.

Mercodia Sweden

Mercodia AB
Sylveniusgatan 8A
SE-754 50 Uppsala

Mercodia in France

Mercodia SAS
219 Rue Saint Honore
75001 Paris

Mercodia in Germany

Mercodia is now represented in Germany
Phone +49 176 84 46 07 58/+49 211 16 35 68 79

Mercodia North America

Mercodia also has a sales office in Winston Salem, North Carolina with a state-side sales and technical support team available to assist you with all your needs.

Mercodia Inc
1590 Westbrook Plaza Drive
Suite 201
Winston Salem NC 27103

Mercodia China

Mercodia has newly established representative office in China with sales offices in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. Mercodia China

Room 1702, No. 4 Huating Road, Linhe Eastern Avenue
Tianhe District, Guangzhou
China 510610


One of the aims of Mercodia is to keep developing as an attractive employer and we are always interested in receiving information about top candidates that wants to join our team. Below you can find information about current vacant positions. If you would rather send us a spontaneous application, please send your CV and a personal letter to info-global(at) 

Currently we have the following opened positions:

Product Manager

We are looking for a Product Manager with a strong commercial mindset that, together with the team, wants to develop our business. The Product Manager should be responsive and capture the needs of our customers, turning the needs into effective marketing activities. Interested? Contact Kim Budolph Johansen at ABC Consulting for more info. 


Mercodia always has new assays in different phases of development. The projects follow the Mercodia Product Development Model (MPUM), a very extensive development model ensuring that every aspect of the new assay will be optimized for the best possible accuracy and specificity. Another important aspect of the development model is to create user-friendly and easily automated assays to decrease handling errors and increase throughput. At the moment we have five active new projects ranging from antibody development to phase three. 

Quality Policy

1. Quality Policy

2. GLP Compliance



1 Quality Policy

We offer custom assay development, custom production and bioanalysis service, including analysis that meet the OECD Principles of GLP and analysis in a GCP environment. All projects are characterized by high quality and well-defined performance.

You can trust us as a reliable supplier and a concerned partner. The common denominator for the Mercodia team is to provide a quality product that meets the customer's needs.

Mercodia makes quality happen through practical, easy to use processes for:

  • management
  • research & development
  • manufacturing
  • sales and marketing
  • order & shipping
  • purchase
  • human resources 

Mercodia's CEO is responsible for meeting the requirements of, and to preserve the effectiveness of, the quality management system. 

Download the ISO 13485 certificate here 


2 GLP Compliance

Mercodia operates in compliance with the principles of Good Laboratory Practice as established by the OECD and the European Community at the time of the inspection.

Download the GLP Compliance

If you have specific questions about our quality system, please email:



Directions for Use (DfU) in English and several other languages are available for all Mercodia products. However, assay instructions (DfUs) and outer labels are currently not translated into every language spoken where our products are being used. Therefore, the CE/IVD label of our products is not valid in Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania and Greece. 


In 2014 Mercodia conducted and extensive possibility detection (PDS) survey among our active customers. Our customers were asked to grade our products and services on multiple parameters and prioritize among the different options we had to further increase the customer satisfaction.

 The results from this study showed that both our direct customers and our distributors were very satisfied with the quality of our products, the level of service and the fast deliveries. 

Of course all of us are extremely proud and happy about the good grade and we feel very motivated to keep working hard to give you the best possible customer experience. We would very much like to thank those of you that helped us do this!

Sustainable Responsible Business

Sustainable development is important to Mercodia, as we strive to minimize our environmental footprint in society. In addition to complying with national legislation as well as ethical and social standards, we aim (through our actions) to encourage a positive impact on the environment, the community and on our customers and employees. Whenever possible, our marketing communications are provided in an electronic format. If printing is necessary, we choose an environmentally friendly print production on FSC certified paper, when available. For internal communication between our facilities, video conferencing replaces traveling when possible. To reduce exhaust emission during the winter period, engine pre-heaters are provided to employees commuting by car. Mercodia employees benefit from wellness grants and, through the Mercodia Recreation Association (Mercodia Fritidsförening), we encourage our staff to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Mercodia complies with national labor organizations conventions and recommendations
  • Mercodia is against any form of discrimination
  • Mercodia complies with health and safety laws
  • Mercodia adheres to national environmental regulations
  • Mercodia has established a welcome program for all new employees, which includes information on social responsibility
  • Mercodia has established a training scheme for employees, which includes social responsibility
  • Mercodia fosters employee’s internal promotion
  • Mercodia follows a vendor-selection process taking into account supplier’s compliance with social responsibilities
  • Mercodia accepts audits related to the ethical and social responsibility management system, organized by customers


Work Environment Policy

Mercodia’s overall goal is to provide a positive working environment, which includes encouraging a healthy lifestyle and promoting workplace safety. We strive to create a meaningful and fulfilling work environment, where the employees themselves actively participate in change and development within the company. 


Gender Policy

Mercodia strives to maintain a gender balance in different types of tasks. All employees are entitled to be treated with respect and consideration. Everyone’s legitimate demands of privacy are honored, regardless of gender or other differences. Harassment is not tolerated.